Integrity. Excellence. Financial Success. Teamwork.

Soukup Construction Inc. is a regional excavation, construction company that performs site preparation, utility work, sheet piling, and demolition throughout eastern South Dakota. We do a variety of earthwork activities including site preparation for small and large buildings; earthwork for highway and urban streets; demolition of buildings, pavements, houses and bridges; environmental cleanup; underground utilities and general hauling.

Our goal at Soukup Construction is to provide the best value on every project we complete - not only cost-efficiency, but durability that exceeds expectations. This is rooted in our four Core Values:

  • INTEGRITY - Doing the right thing to ensure trust
  • EXCELLENCE - Safely and efficiently deliver quality services while meeting or exceeding expectations
  • FINANCIAL SUCCESS - Achieving financial wellness for employees, clients, company and community
  • TEAMWORK - Working together towards a positive and productive work environment

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